Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Diva Cup

Hey Ladies!
By Tonie Silver

I briefly toyed with the idea of calling this review “Cup O’ Blood”, or “Let It Bleed”, but perhaps a more apt title would be “Revolution”, because ladies, the Diva Cup is nothing short of revolutionary.  I wish someone would have told me about this product years ago.  Apparently America is in the hind fore when it comes to womanly hygiene prods.  Menstrual cups have been all the rage in Europe and elsewhere for years~ who knew?  I guess the corporate bloodsuckers (sorry!) want to keep us girls in the dark and chuckin’ out seven bucks a month when we bleed.  That’s big bucks, ladies.

I did some research, and tampons especially are really super unhealthy.  I’d always wondered about the fact that they’re bleached white, right?  And as far as pads, fahgeddaboudit, you can swim, exercise, and even smash the granny out of it with the Diva!

Here’s the lowdown:

1)      Green and economical.
2)      NO mess.  None.  Not.   One.  Drop.  Enough said.
3)      Comfort~ can we talk about comfort?  I got the best night’s sleep in memory, no late night changing trips.
4)      Totally hygienic.

5)     So easy to use~ no unwrapping and fumbling and carrying around all kinds of jazz.

The Diva Cup comes in two sizes: one for having given birth, and one for not.  I even got two other cups to review from another company and haven’t tried them yet because I’m so geeked over the Diva!  Every chick out there owes it to herself to use this fine product.  Out of the plethora of products I’ve reviewed over the years, this one is the most impactful, the most life changing, and possibly the most important.  I’m going to keep shouting about this until they’re sold at Target, until there’s a pink Hello Kitty version, and a black glittery one at Hot Topic called Drac’s Shot Glass!

The fine folks at Diva Cup are giving away one of their fab Diva Cups.  To enter for a chance to win, just email LPR.

The Diva Cup will have you looking forward to your Moontime, for sure!


  1. When are you drawing the winner?

  2. In France, we called them "moon cups", sold in organic shops.
    I have been using it for more that 1 year. It's changing my life (well, only the bleeding time of my life). Feeling so good for my body and the environment.
    Feeling so good for my sense of smell as well, compared to pads (I hate others can smell my body secretions)
    No mess? well, you have to get the trick to remove it when you are in the bathroom, and you absolutely need water close to you.
    Gyneacologist doctor was a bit surprised when she asked me : How are your periods? abundant? and I replied : 65 ml!
    Conclusion : I am so happy with it, will never go back to the old tampons and pads.