Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Alchemy Works

A Review by Tonie Silver

In reviewing Alchemy Works Sanctuary Rose oil, I was in for a surprise.

I thought "Gee, Rose and Myrrh, pretty straightforward, right?" Wrong.

Harry at Alchemy Works has managed something completely different. This is a magical oil, as are all of Alchemy Works'. The fragrance is that of dust. In a good way. It reminds one of a place of worship that is vacant, with sunlight filtering in through ancient mullioned windows. This is the fragrance of the dust dancing in the sunlight. Dust settled on ancient books. Dust of centuries. Dust one has to blow off of candles before lighting them. A bit dry, a bit sweet. Very soft and understated, yet there with a tenacious strength. Whispers secrets to the wearer. Hints of spices come through, like threads woven throughout a tapestry.

Being a magical oil, one that is intended for ritual use, I can see where Harry has succeeded in the perfume oil melding with the skin, with the wearer, as opposed to sitting atop it~ more for use than distracting. Very interesting. In reading his verbiage on this oil, I learned that it is protective, and honors the feminine. Deep stuff, man. What impresses me about Alchemy Works is the obvious passion and dedication of Harry. Check out his site~ it's a treasure trove of information.
Packaging is tops~ Miron violet glass, methinks, with awesome Gothic graphics on the label. Check it out, then choose one that speaks to you.


Reprint article from LPR website

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