Monday, February 28, 2011

Lush Locks!

Lush Locks
By Tonie Silver

This is not one of my usual all natural product reviews.  You all know how dedicated I am.  Ferreting.  Poking.  Prodding.  Prying.  And I have yet to find shampoo and conditioner without chemicals that work. I’ve tried, readers, I’ve really tried.  I’ve done the rhassoul thing~ um, thanx,  no.  Natty dreads are not for Tonie.  Done the vinegar and baking soda madness and was soundly admonished by my hairdresser with a stern warning as to my future scarecrow status.  If there is an all natural hair care product out there that works, please let me know and I’ll stand corrected.  So it is with a clear conscience that I present a review of Lush haircare products.  Lush does include a lot of nice natural stuff in amongst the chems.  What’s a girl to do?  It’s the wig, man~ the wig!

To wit, I tried Lush’s solid shampoo bars.  They’re really fun to use, with the little caveat that I found it to be a hassle putting them in a little bowl to dry out and store.  No matter, they’re worth it.  The Gentle Lentil smells so good, like a musky vanilla, and leaves hair really soft.  One thing I like a whole lot about these bars is the fact that they lather up really well and get hair super clean.  The Godiva is the one to go to if you want to smell like a flower bomb.  An explosion of flowers.  A flower volcano.  Flowery flowerson from flowerville.  And so’s your mum.  Rife with jasmine and gardenia.  Really brings out the highlights in hair.  Leaves hair nice and shiny clean.  I’ve found that so many shampoos, what with all the ingredient hoo-ha~ just don’t lather any more.  Well, happily, these do.  Mountains and mountains of bubbly Willy Wonka-like lather.  Yay!  Recommended~ I’m gonna order some more when I run out!:)

After your locks are all clean and shiny, condition them with a dollop of Lush’s American Cream.  Reminiscent of vanilla pudding, this conditions without weighing hair down or sacrificing shine.
If you’re looking for a really low chem deo, check out Lush’s Aromaco.  Made mostly of bicarb, it smells so good of patchouli, and offers light funk control.

I’ve perused Lush’s catalog for the first time in years; they do offer a small cadre of all natch products, so who knows?  Perhaps another is review is in order???

Get yer Lush on at WWW.LUSHUSA.COM   

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