Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back of the Moon

by Tonie Silver

From Melbourne, Australia, comes Back Of The Moon Day Spa~ one of the top three most beautiful lines Ive ever had the pleasure of using. This range is as gobsmackingly beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. Proprietress Kristene Veit is a self taught artist and alchemist, and take my word~ her range will blow you away! Amazingly talented, this girl!

Packaged in beauteous glass bottles and jars of amber, blue, and green, Back Of The Moons Products are adorned with Kristene's artwork~ different cunning girls in states of repose~ just looking at these babes will relax you! An absolute pleasure to gaze on every day, these are keepers for sure!

Orange & Cinnamon Body Scrub is mouthwateringly juicy and spicy sweet~ really big chunky raw sugar and poppy seeds~ more moisturizing than it is scrubby. Highly recommended. Lavender & Lime hand scrub is just the ticket for banishing dryness. This is a sugar scrub, so it's perfect for sensitive hands. Leaves hands smooth, soft, and scented with the uplifting yet soothing combo of lavender and lime.

After you've scrubbed, seal in the moisture with Back Of The Moon's Pure Jasmine Organic Hand Cream. Talk about indulgent! Your hands will smell like a maharini's~ one whiff and you'll think you're lounging in a tent dripping with jewels! Recommended.Rose &Jasmine Facial Mist refreshes and hydrates, and leaves you smelling like a princess. Comes in the coolest blue glass bottle.

Back Of The Moon's Rose, Neroli, & Sandalwood Organic Face Cream is egg yolk yellow and the consistency of custard. Contains jojoba, rosehip, and evening primrose oils, so it's very hydrating, yet very light. The hauntingly warm, sweet scent lingers on the face after application.

I've said it again and again: not-a-fan-of-the-mint. That established, I've gotta say, Back Of The Moon's Peppermint & Lemongrass Foot Butter is mighty peppy and nice. Really thick and rich, it's just the thing for tired tootsies. Plus I was very heavily swayed by the gorge bottle green jar and the babe on it!

Love your lips with Back Of The Moon's Orange & Vanilla Lip Balm and Rose &Honey Lip Balm. Equally delicious, and sweetened with honey, both of these are must-haves. The rose has real rose otto, not absolute! You can never have too many great lip balms! Recommended.

Unbelievable. Absolutely outstanding. Stunning. Back Of The Moon's Floral Oat Bath is a trip to the Garden Of Eden. Smells like Lothlorien must. A sublime blend of patchouli, rose, neroli, ylang, jasmine, and lavender. I almost fell asleep in the bath~ I did not want to get out. Okay, so I dumped the entire jar in~ whaddya want from me???:) Highly, highly recommended~ purchase this item for sure!!!

A product review cannot truly do justice to the fabulousness of this line~ it's just so special on so many levels. Any item you try from Back Of The Moon is sure to please~ I'm super picky, and I'm crazy about the whole range!

Back of the Moon

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