Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weird, Strange and Otherwise Impossible to Create Perfume Briefs

Carnival is coming
A shout a samba, axé music, rebolation tion
rain sweat and beer in the streets.
Men dressed as women/ women dressed as men/ and the rest go the way they want.
Trio elétricooooo

She can't walk, but she can waltz.
She can't breathe but she hums
She can't get into water but she swims and makes perfume
She loves tea and adores chachacha
When it's fresh, it is good,
but rotten even better.
Just like gorgonzola.

Ane Walsh ~ Brasil

"A Bad Idea"
The smell of over-ambition, is based on someone else's formula with description lifted verbatim from their website and mass marketed via email spam to a list of co-opted email addresses. Edgy and tumultuous, not for the faint of heart, "A Bad Idea" is costly and will be remembered. (This scent is similar to "Attorney", the smell of an upcoming lawsuit.)

"Union Buster"
The smell of shame, inspired by Mubarak, Gadhafi, Ahmadinejad and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Available in purse spray to carry to demonstrations.

Inspired by the Marx Brothers, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and John Cleese. It contains notes of cigar smoke, Duck Soup, Horse Feathers, Animal Crackers, and was blended at Fawlty Towers.

The scent of a smoldering love affair.
Scarlett: Cathleen, who's that?
Cathleen Calvert: Who?
Scarlett: That man looking at us and smiling. The nasty, dark one.
Cathleen: My dear, don't you know? That's Rhett Butler. He's from Charleston. He has the most terrible reputation.
Scarlett: He looks as if he knows what I look like without my shimmy.

Shelley Waddington ~ USA 

A Japanese perfume that is nothingness combined with deeply hidden base notes.

Ruth Ruane ~ Ireland 
'Stagnant Waters' ~
The essence of going nowhere with mud between your toes.

Justine Crane ~ USA


  1. Fun! Thanks for the chuckle everyone!

  2. Actually, the stupidest perfume brief I know of is a real one sent to me by a business man who wanted a luxurious all natural line of perfumes that are enviromentally friendly and cost no more than $12 per kg for the perfume base!"
    I laughed....
    And recently foudn his new add campaign still sprouting that line....
    The things you can lie about and get away with.....

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