Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spicy Badger

Spicy Badger

By Tonie Silver

Have you ever even heard of nutmeg butter? =I know I hadn't, but I was excited to try it! Leave it to those clever folks in the Badger Mines to whip up a great new product: Badger Every Day Nutmeg & Shea Body Moisturizer. Very rich, thick, and highly moisturizing, just a bit goes a long way.Completely organic, and chock full of good stuff like shea butter and rosehipseed oil. This has a different texture than the traditional Badger Balms~ not so shiny, and pretty thick.

Don't expect to smell like a pumpkin pie~ this has a very understated, warm fragrance, with a bit of a tang to it. Like all Badger Balms, this one's a multi-tasker, doing duty on bod skin, face, locks, cuticles, hands, lips~ the whole package~ so it's a great little space saver for home or on the go.

Clever Badgers~ what will they think of next?


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